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E-Mail Marketing.

E-Mail Marketing offers some great benefits...


It's direct - going right to your customers' inboxes;


It's quick - generating almost immediate responses;


It's trackable - providing you with complete statistics on who received your message, who has opened/read it, and what they clicked or showed the most interest in.


Email keeps you in front of your target audience for a fraction of the cost and time of other approaches, and increases your other marketing efforts dramatically.


You can use Email Marketing to educate your audience, build rapport, and most importantly, increase sales.



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We can come up with an email marketing campaign to generate real results for your business, from lead generation, lead nurturing, conversion and, best of all, revenue and sales.


From the design of the email we can can target customers from your Data Base or help you to Buy in the Data. The email can automatically be sent out at the best time to your potential customers & tailored to link with your website.


Our ‘total’ services can be from a 1 off send out to a long term monthly plan, from the newsletter design, writing content, and also reporting so you can see the email results.


We can offer an Email campaign based on your Data from just £79.00* Please get in contact for more information.




*Plus vat